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Rabbit, Cricket, and Trout

12"x16" oil on canvas      


These animals may hide when danger is near. But when they are  happy, their personalities thrive. Even a cricket who takes shelter under a rock will sing for everyone to hear when it feels safe. 


Also Known As

24"x36" oil on canvas      


So many animals get a reputation for being flighty, sneaky, scared, or cowardly. They seem to spook at the slightest provocation.

But, much like humans, when they aren't running for their lives, many animals are calm. Some are even brave in the face of danger that- proportionally- would make other creatures balk. 

I used to sit on our jack fence and watch owls hunt, foxes bury their food, deer look for the perfect spot to nap, and rabbits stretch out comfortably under the cover of chokecherry trees and wild rose bushes.


If an animal is fearing for its' life it might appear to sneak cautiously through the grass. But when they feel safe and comfortable, these creatures have entire personalities that otherwise would never be seen. 

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